Women's Night at the Theatre for PULP

Grab your besties and dive into a specially designed evening for women, full of fun and laughter!

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"PULP is a heartfelt, comedic love letter to lesbian pulp fiction and the Barbara Stanwycks of the world. " 

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Jodi’s middle-aged husband has left her for a 24-year-old, and all her friends have deserted her for the happy couple. Furthermore, she’s approaching her sell-by date of 50. (She’s only in her mid-40s, but who’s counting? She is, that’s who!)

Not that Jodi gets much sympathy from her dear old dad, Elliot Isaac, who is himself in a fulfilling relationship with 20-year-old Trey.  That makes Elliott’s paramour exactly the same age as his grandson, Benjamin Cullen. But, again, who’s counting? Jodi is.

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Die, Mommie Die!, (by Charles Busch) concerns "Angela Arden, a fallen pop diva trapped in a hateful marriage to film producer Sol Sussman. Desperate to find happiness with her younger lover, Angela gruesomely murders her husband with the aid of a poisoned suppository, leaving her two children to avenge their father's death."

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Comedy After Hours

Come get your funny bone tickled at our new late night comedy show! Some of South Florida's best comedians bring you their uniquely warped versions of reality with some killer stand-up comedy and a few other twists & surprises along the way.

Sponsored by Doug Candler

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Season 12 Snowbird MINI FLEXPASS

Become a Season 12 Snowbird MINI FLEXPASS Member and SAVE!

We know that snow birds are not here for the entire season, so now snowbirds can choose a 3 show flexpass membership.  You choose the shows when you reserve your ticket!


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